Understanding Pictures

    Generally, a picture is a kind of art - it has a completed character and independent art meaning. Any picture is worth seeing and contemplating over. It can be performed on basis of wood, paper, stone, silk and canvas. Sometimes any photo may be called a picture by some definite people. The pictures of all things happened in the past attract people not less than the modern ones. As I have already said my brother is an owner of a number of photos and pictures of the well-known group The Beetles. There is a special unique album on the table of his room. He has gotten a set of reproductions of this group and respects his collection very much. As professor Richard Gregory wrote about the unique features of pictures, they are strange and unusual. He explained this fact in the way that pictures are a special wizard class of subjects because they are seen both in and of itself and something different in comparison with a sheet of paper in which they are drown. They represent a kind of a paradox because no item can be in two places simultaneously; it cannot be two-sized or three-sized. As for pictures, we can see all things this way. Though a picture has a definite size, we can see a real face of a real man, a real building or a real ship. Therefore we may say that pictures are unique creations. Biologically it might be impossible for eyes to see all things that are absent in the picture but we can find those. Isn't it fun! My brother says that the pictures of The Beetles inspire him and wake the past best situations connected with this group. That is why he formed an album and saved it carefully. He adds that sometimes these pictures make him do the most impossible things, namely, to call somebody he hates, invite a girl to date, to travel some unfamiliar spot on the earth and the like. While looking at pictures a man develops his abstract thinking, he can see imaginable situations or all things that are hidden under within. It is an artist who tells people his ideas, feelings, experience and so on. As far as I am concerned I cannot understand the simple lines in the pictures very often but my brother is an expert in evaluating them. He gets used to saying that I will have to stay near the picture for an hour to realize all things, which a painter wants me to understand. It is true.