My Brother's Album

    My brother started to collect pictures of The Beetles at the age of ten or eleven. I was five that time. He wrote the following motto for his album: 'Wake up my soul immediately!' George Harrison's performance of the song "All things must pass" is put on page one - I can see the author singing this song though I cannot hear it. I have realized now that pictures are not just colored canvas - they effect on man's feelings and thoughts, remaining the noticeable trace in his within and waking up some prognostications. John Lennon's picture with his young wife always impresses me greatly - they are smiling and rejoicing - they were in love and it is seen in the reproduction. An unknown artist represents both of them in good spirits. Another picture tells me about the group's departure from England to America. They are too young to understand what they will come across with in their future; they are just happy and funny. Later they will move to America and John Lennon will be killed by a bad man. Really all things must pass. Here is the moment when the singer is interviewed by a reporter. His unconstraint is clearly watched in the picture: his cross-legged and back-leaned posture says much - he is self-confident and social. Actually the guys were shown in various situations. I never could guess that they were deeply loved by the audience. In the next picture I could notice how young girls had loved them - the tears on the girls' cheeks were distinctly expressed. While looking through brother's album, I wish I could come back to the past time in order to see the group alive and cheerful. Still, I decided to collect the pictures of my favorite actress and film producer Renee Kathreen Zellweger. I love her smile in such movies as Chicago, Down with Love, Miss Potter, Me, Myself and Irene, The Bachelor and others. Of course, I will take a new album and find artists who represent such a talented girl.
    Therefore, in conclusion I come back to pictures in general - they are terrific in essence, they make the audience understand the world in a different way. That is great to visit art galleries to enjoy every picture I can see on the walls and try to see all things with the artists' eyes.