All things can be interpreted like 'everything', or 'all items' or just 'all'. For example, a solo album "All Things Must Pass" by George Harold Harrison is thought to be the best. It was a commercial success, heading hit-parades and satisfying both the USA and the UK. This album was praised greatly by the most fastidious critics. That time all modern journals were grown variegated by photos of a well-known singer. In our days fans of the group "Beetles" can get pictures online Kodak coupon code any time they want. There is a big picture of the group in my brother's room. The group "Beetles" was very popular in 60-70th of the last century due to the fact that the young men from Liverpool had changed pop music forever. People recognized something different in their music than the usual pop songs at the time. The songs of the group seemed more tuneful, more exciting than what most articles were recording at that time. In addition, The Beetles were more attractive than many other performers. Many more people began to listen to pop music than before. And soon the group's following was like nothing anyone had ever seen: records were spreading very fast and the pictures of the fourth were hanging in the youth's apartments' walls. It was the time when 'Beetlemania' swept Britain and soon, America as the situation was called by the newspapers. By the way, John Lennon was recognized to be intelligent when he replied to the reporters in comparison with other pop stars. He had a sense of humor and hated artificiality. The group was deeply respected and believed in – they turned upside down the whole world of music. Pictures with these group's guys are still decorating the walls not only the senior but also the youth's. George Harrison is my brother's idol thanks to his talent both in music and film production. It was he who created the Hand Made Films Company and issued the well-known movies. He was a singer, a guitar player and an innovator in many fields of film art.